zondag 4 april 2010

Crossing paths

Before I wrote this blog, I was busy with anohter one for almost an half hour orso. For some reason I stopped to much to think what I wanted to wirte and what I didn't. So I decided not to publish that one. Because my blog is something where I put my heart in and def. all of my thoughts without really having a pause.

Yesterday I had a very weird moment. Where I was thinking that sometimes I don't know who I am. That I keep figuring out who I really am. Even if it means making a mistake or doing somethings by the "book".

Some people cross your path for a reason and sometimes you cross theirs. The reason that happens you sometimes know right away and sometimes you don't know it at all. But they are just there...

Whenever you look at these people who cross your path, you might think you will think of a million things. But sometimes you just look without thinking about anything at all.
Your mind is just at ease and your biggest worry is... nothing!

It's just the way you look at each other without wishing each other something bad.

When your life is going great, no worries, troubles etc., they are gone. But when you think you've reached the moment where your world will collapse; there they are!
Without you calling them or wishing for someone to be there for you. Just like an angel...

But when you feel that the point came that you have to move on and leave behind what had happenend or what you've learned from each other... it will or can be easy to do so and also very difficult.

Sometimes you don't know anything about this person or so little or sometimes you even know alot. Maybe trust isn't fully there, sometimes it is. It's just strange at some points and also very hard to explain.

But sooner or later you create a bond with this person and when you reached the moment you know you have to let go... everything will be oke! Cause if you think forward and how you will react if you will see each other again. Doesn't matter how long that might be, but there are only positive things. And surely there will be an exchange of smiles.

But then also... you have moments where you can't let go. No matter how hard you try. Sometimes you just feel you have to be there for that person even though you don't really know what the purpose is. But you just have to be there and it's the feeling you have.

Experience is the word everybody gives to their mistakes. Making a mistake in life is not bad at all, because you will always learn from it and see things from another angle.

Sometimes you can hold on to this 'stranger' who crossed your path. And he or she will create a feeling in you, that even the person who is close to your heart cannot reveal. When you think you are alone or need to be alone to think or think you can do it better alone; it can surprise you!

Because when you think that the best things are the things that come from your deepest thoughts... it's actually that what comes from your heart.
Just the fact when you think it's holding on that will make you a stronger person, it's acutally letting everything go...

De meeste dingen niet mogen zijn slecht voor het geweten, maar goed voor de ziel... by J.R.V.