vrijdag 25 juni 2010

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Waking up at six. My day already planned; a simple routine.Keeping busy with things that make me happy and help me to become a better me. Everyday I learn, I make my mistakes. I'm not always eager to confess to it; cause stubborn I am.
I build a shield around me to protect myself. Some see it, some don't. I talk alot to make my point and sometimes I take an action without thinking. Sometimes I think that my heart is in the right place. But seconds after that I don't know where it is. It can be hard to explain but usuallly in time you'll get the explenation why things are the way they are.
The mind can think so much... But if your heart isn't in it, there is no use of doing what you want to do. Putting yourself in the first place and on top of everything can be very difficult. But sometimes you have to let go of things. And after doing that you'll know if that thing that you thought you couldn't live without was really worth holding on to.
As the clock keeps tikking I know i'm not standing still. When I have a bad day, the moment the wind carresses my face I know i'm still living and that tomorrow will be better.
Hearing a childs laughter... makes me think: Why do we "adults" make things so difficult? But that is a part of growing up I guess. Plus... we are all human.
Not understanding life and not figuring out what's on the bottom of the barrel, makes it beautiful! When I look at the sky at night... I don't always see the stars or that full moon that puts me in a trance for as long as I allow it. But I know it's there. Becasue in everything that is dark and often scary you have a light.
And as fragile as a child. I stand tall to get by, no matter how hard I sometimes try to hide it.So when I lay my head on my pillow at night. I may not always have a smile on my face, I can have frown or even shed a tear.
But then I close my eyes, dream away and open them. And then I know... Yesterday was history, tomorrow a mystery and today... a gift; that is why it's called the present.
So when you think you're having a bad day. Always keep in mind that someone out there is having a worst day. So always put that frown upside down; cause a day without a smile or a little laughter... is a day wasted!
Originally written on paper
(I usually don't copy things I write from a piece of paper to my blog. Because I always write things when I really feel like it. And very often I tried to copy a few things I worte on paper to my blog... but then the feeling is gone. But this time I still have that same feeling inside of me when I wrote this in the early morning around 00:21am)