donderdag 28 juli 2011

A little bit stronger

Sometimes you have moments where you took an action but don't know, why? You just don't understand it. Sometimes you wake up late one day and you still feel that undiscribable feeling inside from the pain. And still you keep trying to follow that simple little routine you have every day. Cause even through the mess you are in... you get dressed and put a smile on your face! But each day you grow a little bit stronger. Even though you are on your way to some place doens't matter where the end destination is for some reason you keep trying to ignore the hurt. You block everything from the outside and think that by listening to music you'll forget but a stupid song can remind you of that one person for a minute orso and then you change it. You change it because you grow a little bit stronger every time.

And at some point you are done hoping that 'we' can work it out. Cause you are done with so to speak "spinning" your wheels and letting your heart get dragged around. But deep inside you often think if that person would ever change their mind and then you reach that point where you are done thinking or you tell yourself to stop.
Even though you know for yourself that your heart will maybe never be the same but you keep telling yourself you will be oke. And even on your weakest days you tell yourself that.

Getting rid of that feeling never happens in a finger snap or overnight. Cause when you "turn around", a month has already gone by. And at some point you realise that you haven't cried for while. Cause as much as you fight the tears you don't want to give that person another hour, a minute or a second of your tears. Because you are busy getting stronger.

And maybe not everything will be the same anymore but you just keep telling yourself you will be oke. And sometimes you can't even help but thinking how the other person is doing without you.