maandag 7 september 2015


I have no fear of loosing you or secretly just a little bit, but for you aren't an object of my property nor anyone else's. Sometimes you can fall for someone without attachment, without fears, without conditions, without egoism. 

When you have gotten from one point to another but haven't gotten a clue how you got there, may be something that you cannot explain neighter is it a guarentee. But every time that particular moment emerges it is the honesty that makes it a moment without regret.

I am not trying to absorb you and therefore I will never try, because it is something I would never want to do.

I love you freely because I love your freedom, as well as I love mine.

It's maybe the similarities that are attracting... Maybe it's the opposite that does or maybe a little of both. But you are you and I am me.

Dedicated to J.C.S