woensdag 4 april 2012

'LIFE happens while you are busy making plans.'


Sometimes you have moments where you sell yourself short to one another because you have this weakness of caring too much. You open your heart the moment you start to trust.
But afterwards... you can always have the scars because you tore your heart open.

By tearing your heart open and having scars, will remind you that the past is real. And sometimes you might even ask yourself the question: 'Why do I tear my heart open?'
And surprisingly enough... you never have an answer, because it happens.

You might get disappointed in yourself. And why? Because you let it happen. You gave someone the power to distroy you even when you trusted them not too.

"They" say 'time heals everything!'. And yes, I believe it that saying. Because everybody needs time. Time is just always needed with whatever you do in life. Time is needed to create something beautiful. Time is needed to care for someone. Time is needed when you miss a loved one who has passed away. Time is needed to win someones heart. And so on... Time is just a four letter word but it's meaning is endless!

When you look at your own situation from the outside. It's like standing on the outside like a stranger looking in. Cause eventhough you haven't given everything, you did give something.

Eventhough there is a mess that has been left behind, you can't hate that person. You might miss them. But you will forget and eventually you will let go! Somethings are just gone forever and you just won't give it no more tries only time, because that is the only thing that is needed.

You can get by without that person without having to lie about it. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

But do be thankfull for what that person brought into your life. Because even when you end up having tears eventually they will dry. The moment the tears dry... all is done and there is nothing to say. You know so much but still there will be nothing to say.

To fall in love may be hard for someone. But falling for betrail is worse! You thought you could build faith and trust and eventually you find out you build it on empty words and promisses.

So the times comes when all is done and there is nothing say.