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Josh Groban the High-Light of my Sunday
Heineken Music Hall (02-10-2011)

Very often in films, series or even in real life you hear people talking about the 'High-Light' of there day.

In a very long time or I cannot even remember that I talked or shared the 'High-Light' of my day with anybody. The reason I have not done that is because I do so many fun things in a day. I listen to music and dance on the beat, I hang out with my friends, I stick my head of the window... yeah, if you live 32 stories high and the weather is great, why the h*ll not! I walk up to strangers to talk to them, but most of the times it's because they have a dog I want to play with. I get excited by rubbing my sisters stomach cause I think it's awesome that I am finally becoming an aunt and knowing he/ she is growing inside of her. So aside from all of these things there are many other things that make every day so great for me.

But yesterday? I uhmm... geese it's even so hard to write it down. I just want to write so much at the same time.

Just let me start of from the beginning. A few weeks before my brithday I listened to 'Josh Groban's' music a lot. The reason for that was because I borrowed my brother in-law's iTouch and just openend iTunes and shuffeld the playlist. I LOVE listening to all types of music but most of the times I don't know who the artist of a song is. So at one moment the song 'You raise me up' was playing and I suddenly stopped doing what I was doing. The reason why I did that was because I remembered my dad playing that song sometimes. And I couldn't understand it quite well but I do remember that I like the persons voice who was singing it and also the music.

Whenever I hear certain songs I can't help but thinking about my dad since he passed away.

But that period just before my birthday it was in my daily routine to listen 'Josh Groban's' music. I can remember my sister and brother in-law asking me: Do you really like his music? Do you really like it? Which song do you like etc. And to me all of those questions wern't suspicious until I got a birthday card saying: 'We're giving you a concert ticket to Josh Groban on october 2nd 2011 in A'dam'.

My reaction: (looking at them) are you serious? (looking at my birthday card again and reading it several times) and suddenly my mouth just openend up and I started making all kind of different noises and I did a little dance out of excitement!

So after waiting 5 months, I finally went to his concert. I didn't know what to expect. So I was just constanly thinking what the concert would be like from the moment I woke up, when I was walking outside in the wonderful sunday weather, when I was in the car on my way to Heineken Music Hall in A'dam until I was finally seated.

I was sitting row 12 seat 62. So I had a pretty good few of everything. And the moment the lights were dimming I was very curious what was gonna happen next. And then I heard the orchestra playing and I started to get goose bumps. So from that moment on I really sat on the end of my seat from the beginning to the end of the show. And I think when I finally saw and heard Josh Groban sing in person I almost fell of my seat haha...

I did found it a pitty that I didn't see the stand where I could write down a question and 'Josh Gorban' would answer it. So I really wanted to run to the podium and ask him or actually tell and then ask him: This concert is my 23th birthday present from 5 months ago which I got from my sister and brother in-law. So I was wondering if you would like to sing a belated happy birthday song for me or just give me a belated birthday hug? (I guess I am silly like that).

Aside from my question I wanted to ask him. I enjoyed this artist his voice, the words in the songs, the music
the orchestra made with there instruments and so much more!

But to be honest this concert of this amazing artist is the first one I have been to but it will def. not be my last.
Going to a concert of 'Josh Groban' made me think that he is also very down to earth and simple said "the boy next door". But just like some people he also has an amazing talent he shares with a lot of people without sometimes knowing how much he can touch a person he has never met through his voice, words and music. And that is truly also a gift one can have!

But the high-light of my sunday was:
Hearing Josh Groban sing 'You raise me up' in person and having my sister right next to me!

And the reason why that moment of the whole sunday was my high-light is because I lost my dad in 2007. I never knew that song could touch me so much as it did last night. As I was sitting in the audience everybody suddenly stood up and so did my sister and brother in-law. I wanted to do the same but suddenly tears were rolling down my cheeck and I really started to get emtional and really started to miss my dad again. And even when it happened a few years ago whenever I think back it feels like a week ago. So I actually I will never stop missing him. My sister saw it. And without me saying anything or looking at her she sat down next to me whip my tears and wrapped her arms around me. At that moment she and I were sharing te same feelings without exchanging words.

Life is sometimes very hard and yes, I cry sometimes. And this may sound stupid but I will write it anyway. Yesterday when I was crying and getting emotional so many things went through my head. Sometimes things happen or must happen to you in order to realize some things.

Loosig my dad was the hardest thing that happened to me and I have times that I can't help but crying because I miss him too much. But look at me after four years. I am still standing and looking forward. So why let other things break me, allow them to hurt me and make me cry when those things aren't even the worst things that had happened to me.

Thank you, Josh Groban for your amazing concert in A'dam.

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