zondag 20 november 2011

No Rules

For some reason every person wants to set a few rules for them selfs. And ofcourse every single one of those people have their own reason(s). Some think that by making and setting certain rules for yourself you can prevent some things from happening.

There is a saying: "Rules are meant to be broken". But ofcourse, some rules just need to be followed, because you cannot go "around" nor can you "bend" them.

But if something happens it happens. Let me not call them "things", because when it's so beautiful it is not a thing and eventually you either go "around" or "bend" the rules, therfore, there are no rules. No matter how many rules you wanna make. At a certain point none of those rules will matter. No matter how scared it may seem or how scared you may get or how scared you may feel or how how bad you want to protect yourself... some things you cannot control and they just happen.

I think that rules are either made to prevent somethings from happening or they are made because something(s) had happened.

You have people that are so spontaneous, very impulsive and can very seldom think twice about something and can live every moment full of adrenalin. These people can usually be the ones that are so careful and set rules when it comes to their feelings. Even when they know that life continuity gives us roots and changes gives us branches.

Sometimes things happen so spontaneously. And when they had happened, you do not know whether to regret it, even though it is something your heart wants. It is like people sometimes fear what they want the most. But ofcourse you should not give up on something you really want. It is very difficult to sit, wait and think, but it is even worse to regret when you know it is something you secretly want!

Cause there are so many moments you can share with anyone or just someone in particular and you feel like you want that moment to last forever, when you know it is only a moment. And sometimes, well... I dunno if I should call it faith but I will call it that because faith has tricky ways of doing something you probaly thought you'd never expected.

But in life, never regret anything you do. Because in the end it makes you HAPPY and it makes who you are.

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