vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Do you remember?

Do you remember that picture you are looking at right now? Do you remember where it was taken and how you felt? Do you remember telling me that this picture was perfect and should be printed out? Do you remember me telling you: I think so too? And do you remember that I wanted to put it in a frame?
When I printed it out... I stared at that picture for a few minutes. And guess what... all of a sudden I had a feeling that it wasn't that perfect at all.
But for some reason, even though I had that imperfect feeling when looking at our picture, I still wanted that perfect frame. Because maybe that "one" frame would make it complete.

I can also remember telling you, I wanted one that was extraordinary or one that was really different or actually just one that would stand out. So in front of me I had "a million" frames; different sizes, different colours, there were even frames with crystals that they even looked like diamonds. So out of "a million", my first choice was the one with the crystals. I chose that one because I thought it was perfect. But guess what... when I put our picture in that frame, it wasn't perfect at all nor did it look complete.

I was disappointed and wanted to leave it as it was. But I went back. And again I looked... looked at the "million" frames that were in front of me. And you wanna know which one caught my eye this time? It was the one that was the complete opposite of my first choice. It was just simple! And when I put our picture in that frame... guess what it was this time... perfect!

So when I looked at our picture in that simple frame... I fell in love with us. I fell in love with the thought in my head about us. I fell in love with that feeling you give me. Cause looking at that picture reminded me how I felt that very moment that picture was taken. And how I feel till this very day.

And I realized... that we don't have to be perfect at all, because we are simple. We are simple because we don't need any fancy material to make us work, we just make it work. And we make it work because we are ourselves. You are you and I am me. Nothing less and nothing more.

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