maandag 25 april 2011


What are reasons? Do you know? A lot of times people say: 'everything happens for a reason'. And whenever you hear that, you may not figure out what the exact reason is right away... but you eventually do. Reasons may have a positive impact and sometimes negative. It's just how you except it, right? You have all different kinds of reasons. You have reasons why something isn't working out, but eventually you benefit from it. You have reasons you are telling someone a lie just for the good of that person or just to protect them from getting hurt. You have reasons why someone is in your life and suddenly disappears.You have reasons why you are so attracted to someone, but at the same time can't figure out anything. No matter how hard you want too. It is what it is. And so on... Some things should not be figured out or actually you just should let it be, right? Because no matter how hard you think that you can have everything you want, you just can't. It just never works that way. But what you can do is always fight for what you believe in. Even if it sounds stupid. The only person that can make you feel good aside from someone else is, yourself. Simple as that. In life we always get disappointed, we get lied too, we get hurt, we cry and so much more. But eventually we grow stronger from all the things that pulled us down and sooner or later we stand up and maybe we do not run right away... but we start by walking again. Getting up and facing something you could not face before... is a start of a new beginning. You always start somwhere. For the person that I am. I am not a hero, a saint or an angel. Sometimes I even give stupid reasons even when they are not needed. So yes, I am not perfect. Nobody is. I am only a person, in this case a woman.

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