donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Excellence (Voortreffelijkheid)

Every now and then I hear the word 'excellence' or in dutch 'voortreffelijk' coming out of someones mouth or it's just being used in a sentence. But whenever I heard or hear the word I can form my own meaning of what that word means without looking it up in the dictionary. But if it's correct that's another thing... But now I finally know what the word really means.
Last night I was in my room going through an old news-paper 'Dagblad Suriname' from august 6th 2009.
And then you had a page which had as header 'virtue of the week'. So it kinda caught my attention... No actually i'm lying...
The only reason I actually stopped at that page was because I saw a picture of a horse with something written underneath that picture.
So I thought it was something about horseback riding orso.
But it was not... It was een explanation of the word 'excellence' or in dutch 'voortreffelijk'. And when I read it I really thought to myself: damnnn, this word has a very strong meaning and as I was thinking that I also nodded my head along with it.
So I decided to write it on my blog. But not because I never knew what the word really meant but because I think this word itself has such a fantastic meaning to make yourself want to be great and all of those thing that come allong with the word 'great'.
So here is the meaning of the word 'excellence' or in dutch 'voortreffelijkheid':
  • Meaning in english:
Means you do your extreme best at every task that you perform and in every relation that you have. You possess many possibilities. Excellence sharpens your talents and changes them in presents for the world. Excellence forces you to be humble and to learn from your mistakes. Each time when you do something you should try to improve by putting the slat higher and higher. Excellence is an effort led by a noble target. It is continuous mastership. It flows when you do something that you love. The development of a seed is the fruit that grows out of it. Excellence in your life brings your gift to bloom.
  • Meaning in dutch:
Betekent je uiterste best doen bij iedere taak die je verricht en in iedere relatie die je hebt. Je bezit vele mogelijkheden. Voortreffelijkheid scherpt je talenten en verandert ze in geschenken voor de wereld. Voortreffelijkheid noodzaakt je nederig te zijn door te leren uit je fouten. Telkens wanneer je iets doet, probeer je je te verbeteren door de lat steeds hoger te leggen. Voortreffelijkheid is inspanning geleid door een nobel doel. Het is voortgaand meesterschap. Het vloeit wanneer je doet waarvan je houdt. De volmaking van een zaadje is de vrucht die eruit groeit. Voortreffelijkheid in je leven brengt je gave tot bloei.

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